I love YouTube. Who doesn't? You can find anything on YouTube. When I wasn't sure about whether I should buy a Roland JSQ60 Sequencer, all I had to do was type it on YouTube and I found a demo (which I suspect was made by WILL FERRELL). For the record, I did buy it.
So when I entertained the idea of leaving my analog days behind me, embracing digital technology, and getting a Korg 01W (for the record, I've decided against it since then, what was I thinking, I don't even like Korg, I'm a Roland man), I went straight to YouTube, and came upon this gem.
I don't know much about this man MOZOX. According to his YouTube account, he's 50 years old and a fan of Django Reinhardt. But who is he? Where does he live? And most of all, why would a grown man film himself playing keyboards with a scary mask on and a stroboscope?
Who cares, the man is a genius, and that's all that matters.

2 commentaires:

  1. Don't leave your analog days behind you!

  2. le numérique c'est le progrès,
    si t'es contre le progrès tu es contre moi.