Whether or not you like FEVER RAY and THE KNIFE (we sure do), you gotta give it to KARIN DREIJER, she has impeccable taste. Check out THIS AMAZING MIXTAPE :

01. NEIL YOUNG - Guitar Solo 1
02. YO LA TENGO - Everyday
03. JOURNEY TO IXTLAN - Corpse On The Mesa
04. JAD & DAVID FAIR - Nosferatu
05. ZOLA JESUS - Devil Take You
06. MERCURY REV - Blue and Black
07. BRUCE HAACK - Mean Old Devil
08. KRAUSE DUO - Canopolis
09. BURIAL HEX - Will To Chapel
10. SUICIDE - Ghost Rider
11. AMADOU & MARIAM - Je Pense À Toi
12. SHACKLETON - Death Is Not Final
13. ENTOMBED - Night Of The Vampire
14. MADDALENA FAGANDINI - Interval Signals
15. BURUNDI - Chant Avec Cithare

Wow! From DEAD MAN's soundtrack to that OCORA ethno-musicology compilation about BURUNDI, this looks like a mixtape we could have made. More precisely, this looks like a mixtape we could have made collectively with the help of three other friends with wide-ranging tastes. And even then, there wouldn't be that song CANOPOLIS by DAS KRAUSE DUO. We had never heard of this current German band before, and it positively rocked our socks, IRMIN SCHMIDT FILMMUSIK style.
If you don't wanna hear the whole mixtape, go straight to CANOPOLIS, but you'd miss out on some freaky shit.

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