Normally, if a song features a fretless bass, it's a dealbreaker. Add digital synths and a snare that sounds completely innapropriately loud and trebly, and you got yourself a bad song.
However if you got all these ingredients, but the song itself is great, somehow it works.
Case in point: LOU REED'S "MAGIC AND LOSS" from the album of the same name.
It's an album about death, about being old, about losing your friends to cancer. About becoming like your father as you grow older, about depending on doctors; I'll take these lyrics over "Heroin, it's my life and it's my wife" any day of the year.

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  1. Syd Charlus17/09/2010 15:39

    Il fallait tout de même que je dise que j'étais totalement d'accord, que j'ajoute que je n'avais pas un mot à ajouter. Grand morceau et grand disque malgré tous les efforts de Reed et de son groupe (Fernando à la basse, enfer et damnation).