So one Monkee and one Charlot died today. THE MONKEES were, as everyone know, an unauthentic pop band, which didn't prevent them from cutting some amazing songs like PORPOISE SONG:

And few people know Michael Nesmith was, before the Monkees, already a recognized, talented songsmith (he wrote THE STONE PONEYS' Different Drum, 1967), and a friend of TIM BUCKLEY's

LES CHARLOTS were also a band known for their novelty appeal, with their own TV show (and a bunch of movies), but few people remember that they started out as LES PROBLEMES, dubbed as "The 1st authentic French Rhythm and Blues band" on their 1965 debut EP:
One year later, they'd back ANTOINE (dubbed as the French Dylan).
Commonknowledge has it that they stopped making music with any merit whatsoever after they changed their name from LES PROBLEMES to LES CHARLOTS, but this one song would be an exception to the rule:

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