My friend DJ SLO sent me an amazing link: a 1977 ALEX CHILTON live show. The funny thing is this show was uploaded, not by Chilton fans but by dBs fans, because part of his live band is made up of members of the dBs (if you have no idea who THE dB's are, check out THIS ONE SONG for starters.)
This set is sortof a dream come true. First of, it doesn't sound horrible by audience-recording standards. Then, it's from 1977, right in the period some call Alex Chilton's Lost Decade (I call it his prime). It features some BIG STAR tunes (including Look My Way and O My Soul!), and some then-unreleased tunes from the then-upcoming albums I love so much, Bach's Bottom and Flies.
Also, as always, it features some out-there choices of covers; remember that 1975 radio show during which Chilton covered Dolly Parton and the BONZO DOG BAND?
Well here, he covers COLIN BLUNSTONE (!) and THE MODERN LOVERS (!!)
Jesus, I miss Alex Chilton.
So there you have it: ALEX CHILTON AT NY's OCEAN CLUB, APRIL 19, 1977. Enjoy.

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