I'm glad that many people enjoyed THE COMPLETE DION & THE WANDERERS that I posted a while ago. I got some enthusiast feddback. I also had one message from a completist who told me that my post was slightly incorrectly titled, as that set was not quite complete.
Indeed, one more single was issued as DION & THE WANDERERS. I had not included it in this last post, cos it's from a different session (held on March 2nd, 1966) and, unlike the other twelve tracks, was not produced by TOM WILSON but by Dion's usual producer for Columbia Records, Robert Mersey.
But they're still a part of the DION & THE WANDERERS canon, so they should be here. Consider these songs bonus tracks.
"So Much Younger" is the b-side, a very rare nugget, as Dylanesque as it gets, and "Two Ton Feather" is a drum-heavy remake of a song Dion had already cut with Tom Wilson (for the record, there are at least two more versions of this song, one more shuffly named "Drop Down Baby", recorded during Dion's blues period, and a poppier version recorded in 1967 with the Belmonts, named "Jump Back Baby").


And as a bonus bonus, here is a video of DION & THE WANDERERS on television, miming a song the Wanderers don't actually play on, 1963 hit RUBY BABY. (Note that the youtube vid is misdated, the song is from 1963, but the video itself was shot in 1965).
Oh, by the way, since my last post in which I mentionned the LP-only official Dion album WONDER WHERE I'M BOUND, the great reissue label Now Sounds has issued it on CD for the first time. If you like this music, can afford it, and still buy CDs, please encourage their archival work and GET YOUR COPY.

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  1. sigh... if only it was a Wanderers track they were miming to... or god forbid playing live. Maybe one day one will emerge...

  2. Je découvre votre blog aujourd'hui. Retardataire, je souhaiterais pouvoir charger DION & THE WANDERERS.
    Pourriez vous m'aider ?
    D'avance merci.

  3. Could you PLEASE re-up DION & THE WANDERERS , please.
    a warm thank you in advance from France.

  4. Bonjour
    Désolé aux demandeurs de re-up pour mon silence, je ne suis pas revenu sur ce site depuis fort longtemps.
    On travaille actuellement dans le plus grand secret sur une réédition en bonne et due forme de cet album perdu de Dion & the Wanderers. Patience...

  5. I would also love to get a re-up of the Complete Dion & The Wanderers! Thank you.