Another day gone by, another dozen of listens to OLD IDEAS.
And for some reason I woke up feeling bad about quoting a small fraction of his poem THE GENIUS out of context in my previous post. For LEONARD COHEN always includes a bit of humor in even his darkest works, and if you take it out something is missing, somehow the spirit is betrayed. So here it is in its entirety.


For you
I will be a ghetto jew
And dance
And put white stockings
On my twisted limbs
And poison wells
Across the town

For you
I will be an apostate jew
And tell the Spanish priest
Of the blood vow
In the Talmud
And where the bones
Of the child are hid

For you
I will be a banker jew
And bring to ruin
A proud old hunting king
And end his line

For you
I will be a Broadway jew
And cry in theatres
For my mother
And sell bargain goods
Beneath the counter

For you
I will be a doctor jew
And search
In all the garbage cans
For foreskins
To sew back again

For you
I will be a Dachau jew
And lie down in lime
With twisted limbs
And bloated pain
No mind can understand

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