Every once in a while I will type an artist's name on Youtube, just to listen to a song, and to my surprise, I find some actual footage.
Lately I've found NIVARNA's infamous 1989 show at la MJC d'Issy-les-Moulineaux (infamous in France cos everyone over thirty and living in Paris pretends he was there).
I've come across footage of EEK-A-MOUSE live in Jamaica in 1981, in his prime.
I have watched a (relatively) young and (obviousy) stoned LEONARD COHEN playing one of my favorite songs of his, Sing Another Song Boys, and these are the images of the recording, the actual recording that features on Songs of Love and Hate!
But I never thought that I'd ever see images of JIMMIE RODGERS though (he died in the early 1930s).
God I love Youtube. It is my favorite invention. Until someone finds a cure for cancer, this will remain the greatest achievement I will have witnessed in my lifetime.

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