CHRISTOPHE CHASSOL is already quite well known among French "musos" as a virtuoso who's been playing keyboards with the best of them for years.
But in the meantime, as a solo artist, he was secretly experimenting with the very concept of sampling, made even more interesting by the fact that he'd use videos as a source, so that when he loops sounds he loops images as well; and so he's been posting some MARTIN ARNOLD-like crazy videos for a while. Enjoy one of the most engaging and beautiful: INDIANKIDZ.
And then he's come up with the concept of ULTRASCORE, which consists of scoring a piece of pre-existing film footage, using all the sounds on it - for instance, dialogues.
Here is one example that's so good it's been driving me insane: based on the audition scene in PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, I give you YOUR NAME'S NOT ON THE MUSIC.
CHASSOL's X-PIANOS will drop in February as a 2-CD/DVD set. That and LEONARD COHEN's new album are my two most anticipated releases of 2012.

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