So I played a gig in Bucarest this weekend, in a big ass place that used to be Ceauşescu's palace (pictured up here). Romanian people are really nice, their food is really heavy, DAN DEACON was headlining and entertained the shit out of everybody, and thanks to the runners who picked me up at the airport and were playing a CD in the car, I got to discover a sample of the local electronic scene. The compilation they were spinning was put together by Romanian bloggers called FRESH GOOD MINIMAL. The highlight of their comp was a dude called BOGDAN. Enjoy.

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  1. Welcome home l'ancien.

  2. We are glad you liked it!

    At this link you can listen all the compilation:


    It has a Creative Commons license, it can be shared and downloaded and some tracks can be sampled and remixed. Even Bogdan's track :)

    If you could give us a postal address we would be honored to send you a physical copy.

  3. mate, I enjoyed the ride and I'm sorry I had to work the next day, because I would have loved to show you more of the city.
    I loved your performance and if you will ever play again in bucharest I will be delighted to pick you up from the airport again.
    and believe me, if you will be here again, I will know (not a threat, but a compliment :))
    signed: the driver