Lately, I've been doing a lot of XTC.
They have so many great songs to choose from.

My favorite right now is BEATING OF HEARTS because it sounds so modern (but I suppose it may say more about today's production values than about the song itself).

My favorite album is of course 25 O'CLOCK, the one they made under the alias DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR, pretending it was actually the reissue of a forgotten psych album from the 60s.

I always will have a soft spot for SCARECROW PEOPLE, for it's the first XTC song I ever heard, when I was 10.

But when it comes to lyrics, I'D LIKE THAT is a major acheievement, containing the best metaphor used in song lyrics since DEWEY COX'S MID-60s PERIOD :

We could grow high, really high
Like a really high thing

If that ain't deep poetry, I don't know what is.

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