PIERRE VASSILIU is one of the severely underrated French singer-songwriters from the 70s, in spite of having opened for the BEATLES in Paris, of being signed on the major French label Barclay, and of having one big hit, QUI C'EST CELUI-LA ? (with AN AWESOME B-SIDE NAMED "FILM") - 1972. Yet, between 70 and 78, he released a row of five of the most gorgeous, tender, poetic albums – not to mention ONE GREAT ORPHAN SINGLE - 1974.
After collecting those for a while, just when I thought I had it all (including a rare album of French bossa-nova recorded as LES MASQUES and featuring EDU LOBO - 1969), I checked whether there was truth in the legend according to which he was singing on the French version of Disney's Robin Hood - 1973. And guess what, it is TRUE and TRUE.

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