ROY ORBISON is known as The Greatest Voice in Rock'n Roll. We are definitely not going to argue with that.
He is also known as mostly a singles' man. Indeed, we now have all of his albums and none of them is truly great from start to end. But that doesn't mean the man doesn't have some amazing deep cuts.
HERE IS JUST ONE OUT OF MANY from his lesser-known-of and absurdly underrated mid-60's output, when he wrote his darkest, saddest songs - which is saying a lot when we're talking about a songwriter who used the verb "cry" and the noun "heartache" in almost every song.
The historical backdrop, which explains the sadness and makes the songs from this period (this one especially) even more poignant, is the tragic death of his loving wife Claudette.

On a less depressing note, as we browsed YouTube to see if someone else had already uploaded this song so we wouldn't have to do it ourselves, we came upon THIS NICE LITTLE NUGGET: ROY invited on THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW and dueting on Oh Pretty Woman. Now the performance itself is really unremarkable (why do they sing in unison a song famous for its Everly-Brothers-inspired harmonies?) but seeing these two together is mighty heartwarming.

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